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Friday, November 7, 2008


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I am suma,aged 23,working as teacher.I was married sredhar.I am most unfortunate women on the earth.why because,my mummy was expired before my marriage.After two years my father also dead with heart disease.Then,two years my husband was also died in accident.It was the my pity story.Parental family was good family with boys and girls[cousins].No one can done wrong at any time.After death of mum,uncle and husband i only living lonely.

Days were passing.All the good remembering of my husband gradually forgetting.As a young women i suffered with sexual interests.sexual interests were increasing day to day.sexual desires were dominating me.Due to this situation i decided to marry a person.One day.a man of Bangalore
come to my school and he told me"i will marry if you agree".One of my friend also encouraged me to marriage.I also interested to marry him.After few days i listened a shock news was "already he was married a women ,and have two children. Then few months another man also send mediate to ask me for marriage.Due to some reasons it was failed.Due to all these reasons i strongly decided...not to be marriage at any cost.

days were passing...sexual emotions increasing day to day.EMOTIONS were torching and harassing me.I was been trying in many ways to control sex...but no use.MY mind giving wrong directions.Some times i wanted sexual participation with others...but i know it was not right way..//Therefore i used some tricks to control sex..bathing with too cool water...etc..but no use.//

One day evening i am waching TV ..an adult movie ...emotions were increased.My breasts hardened.Slowly serum passing from my pussy...my panty and peticoat was wetted.New thoughts were coming...i am unable to controle my self...switched off the TV.All my tution pupils were gone to thiere home.Only Chakri was sleeping in the room.Chakri is 7 th class student.he was living with me ,because his native village so far.So thire parents leaved at me with my permission.

Chakri sleeping deeply.I slowly goes near by him...i sat beside him.He was in deep sleeping.
I have obeserving all his body...slowly i lifted up his shirt...his chest and stomak was so attractive.I have been enjoing some un known happiness.I SMOOTHLY rubbed his chest and stomak gently.After some more time i just pulled down his short.At first time i saw his little male tool[penni].I enjoys with the seen.Again i pulled down his short more.slowly i held his penni.Some un known feelings and thrill occured every part of my body.

I removed blouse hooks and hold his penni in my hands.I LAID BESIDE HIM and rubbing my breasts with his tool.Oh yaaa..so happy...be happy ...with this game.I enjoyed lot...serum[rasam] passing from my pussy..my panty wetted and peticoat too.My hot rasam genly applied to his dick.Suddenly he woked up...and asked me ..teacher what is going on..//I told him..you can sleep silently.//He asked me ..teacher i wants to go to toilet for passing urine..//I said no problem..go..//He came back from toilet and laid as usaually.//Then i also slept because my sexual emotion completed for that night.

Next as usally tution students came and reading thire books.At 8 pm all tution students went to thire homes.Chakri also laid on mat in the middle room.At 9 pm i went to closer to chakri.But he was sleeping deeply.I am started my work...removed buttons of his shirt...i giving smooth finishing touch and queezing all.When i ready to pulled down his short ..suddenly he woked up.// He was asked me 'what teacher...what was happening'//I called him to come on bed//he asked me why teacher//I told him ...don't ask like that ...come //He sat on my bed//I TOLD HIM don't worri ...plz.lay here//He laid beside me...i turned and said him..now i will tel you something.BUT you never told any one.If you told any one i will panish you seriously.//He told ..ok teacher//Then i warned again if you tlod surely i will kill you ..ok understand?//ok teacher..he told//

Now you can do i say...i told him//At firstly i insructed him...Chakri remove my blouse hooks//He was opened and asked me then what can i do teacher?//you hold my breasts..and rubbing them...he held and rubbing as isay.//fantastic moments eare strated.





--1--My name is NISHI belongs to one of the interial village of India.My elder sister name is Asha.Asha was maried KIRAN at the age of 23.My parents was arranged first night to new couple on one fine night.Mum advised my sister how to act at bed room when bed night.Mum gives all pre- cautions to participate well at bed with her new husband.Mum arranged so much of fruits,milk and others like this.My sister head hair filled with lot of flowers with various kinds.Bed room smelled with foreign scents and smelling fantastic.Sister weared traditional saaree and blouse and lot of ornaments with most valuable.Sister prepared all well looking pretty and beautiful.She was looking like a star in the sky.Her face looking radiant,vibrant,and indicating richness.

--2--After some time mum pushed my sister into the bed room for first night. I have been seeing through the small hole of the window door....what actually to be going on.I have fully interested to see and observe what is going on.I have much desired to observe HOW TO START..HOW MY BROTHER-IN-LAW to be begun first show....HOW MY SISTER RESPOND...HOW THEY WILL BE ENJOYING...WHAT IS THE STORY OF CLIMAX....all these questions were disturbing my mind.WHATEVER IT MAY BE ...I AM BE SURE TO ENJOY LIKE NEW COUPLE.

--3--At firstly sister stands before the Kiran with milk glass.Kiran welcomed sister to come and sited beside him.Brother-in-law taken sister into his hands tightly.And kissed her cheeks vigorously.His tung fixed into the mouth of sister...wetting her lips ...wetting her four head also...sister eyes were closed.He remove the blouse ..sucking boobs...after few minuts ...he was removed the saree and panty...and ...ready to fuck..started..to fix his penni in sister's pussy...

--4--At the time ,my sister rushed out the bed room..// Kiran didn't know why she was acts like that..// Mum asked sister why suddenly came out from bed room..what happend..anything more ...plz tell me...// sister told i have some fear because he known to me newly..// Mum said what is this nonsense...it is common to all men and women...//

--5--And i will come with you ,go head...both wer entered in to the show room..and sited beside Kiran..// I HAVE BEEN SEEING ALL THESE STORY THROUGH THE HOLE OF WINDOW DOOR...THE THEME OF CURIOSITY WAS INCREASING FROM MINUTE TO MINUTE.
Mum asked Kiran to open hooks of blouse of sister..// kiran opened..// mum said kiran "plz. suck boobs of my daughter...// kiran sucking boobs thourghly...// Mum asked Kiran how ...// kiran said nice aunty...but breasts were very small aunty...// dont worry Kiran ..breasts must be improve within the short span ...for this purpose you can suck well..breasts of my daughter every day, mum told Kiran.//

--6--After some time mum said "Mr. kiran you have been sucking my daughter's breasts longly...offcours,what about others"...asked mum // Aunty ..others means ?..// Mum told ..others means ...under parts of my daughter...My daughter waiting for fucking...already serum have been passing from her pussy...her panty and peticoat also wetted with liquid...you can start fuckking my daughter immediatly...don't delay...//

--7--//Aunty i didn't know how fucking..i have no any experiance..help me..kiran said.// Mum told ok kiran i will help you and my daughter.Mum held Kiran's dick and said..Kiran your tool is very long and hard...it is looking like hard rock..my husband's penni was too short..I be sure that my daughter will mostly enjoy with your long and hard tool.No doubt at all my daughter pussy will enlarged ofter fucking. Mum held his tool again and pushed in to the my sister's pussy.His tool goes into the hole of my sister deeply.//
At the time sister told mum ..mummy i woud like feel enjoy in many ways ..so plz. go out the room.// Mum told ok i am going out ..enjoy your self...and call me whenever you want my help.//

--8--// My brother-in-law..taken my sister into his first..he opens her blouse hooks..started sukking...kissing all of her under part.And pushed his tool again into the sister's PUSSY hole...beeting her with his rod.// My sister was closed her eyes and asking Kiran to fuck speedly...Kiran plz ..shot plz.. i want SHOT... want shot ...strong shot..strong shot..more ..more plz...wow..wow..wooo..Kiran my is serum flowing..wetting my peticoate..beat ...i want strong beat...more..more...ohhh...oh..STROKE PLZ..ONE STROKE ...KIRAN ONE MORE STROKE...AGAIN...AGAIN...MORE AND MORE PLZ..ohooo..humm...My sisters first closed..she went to sleep deeply with full and full satisfation.//

--9--//Offcourse...what about me.Yes i come to that..after one year i married Venki.He was a smart boy.When i was married him he is just 22years.As well as my sister ..my payrents arranged bed marage to me.They alloted same bed room to us.I prepared attractively for bed marage.i am waiting for such time.I hunger for Venki..to participate sex with him.OUR NIBHOUR aunty and my mummy both were pushed into the show room for first show..means ..first night.I fixed the bolt of the door and sited beside the Venki..//

--10--// Venky silently reading a book on the bed..few minutes were over .He didn't stoped reading..I am fully hungry for sex.But he is not taking me closely.So i asked him what are you reading ..// He said ..abook for relief.// I can't understand his nature and activity.After few minutes ,i took his hand and smoothly rubbing.Although he did not responded.I am surprised ..and feel negative .All my hapiness and dreams were utterly collapsed. I was prepared to ask him "why you didn't ready to participate for sex..i asked him..// "He replied.. i think it is not necesary to me".// why ..what is the problem..i f you felt like that why are you married me.//" He told , some thing is related to actual situation.// After some time i cried internally without any noise.I cried so much..again and again whole night.I didn't slept that night.that was not the first night to me..it was the bad night..it was the death night,it was the killer night..ANYHOW i didn't told anyone even with my mummy or aunty.//

--11--// Early morning i woked up..and completed bath also.Venkat also completed bath.I was sat in second bed room.//Suddenly my mummy came to closed me and asked me.//"My dear daughter ..how did you enjoyed last night" ..// I told her all fine and all ok..// But she was said ..no daughter ..you are lying me..// Suddenly i was shoked..how she was expected the situation occured last night.How she was catched the original situation occured on last night.// Slowly she was telling me ...dear daughter,just few minutes back i was examined your panty,peticoat at bath room.There wer no any blood spots or blood marks.If actually Venki fucked you ,defanetly some more bood spots/BLOOD MARKS were placed on your panty and peticoat.But your panty or petycoat doesn't have any blood symbals or spots or other related indexes.So you and your husband didn't participate in sex..i am be sure to tell is the 100% correct.//

--12--At that time I feared much because my mummy perfectly recognised what actually happend last night.There is no chance to escape from mummy,because she noticed well.I was really in critical position.WHAT CAN I DO NOW?HOW I CAN I TOLD HER.// In fact mummy under stood my feelings and comes to cool.Slowly asked me what was happend..// I am slightly tells her the actual positon.//Day passed..night time starts...At the time of 9 'o' clock mum went to bed room..sat beside the Venki..asked him about all affairs was occured last night.He didn't give suitable reason..mum understand that he had no sexuality..he woud not fit for sex..there was no chance to fuck my daughter. [at that time i was at second bed room.]//

--13--//Finally mum told him ..."i woud like to do marrage to my daughter with another smart man..so you can go tommorrow morning to your home".she ordered him strictly.// He told mum ..aunty i donot interest go to my home ..i have much capableto fuck your daughter.But there was a problem for interruption.// Mummy asked him what was the problem...// Venki told mum...aunty if i tell you such problem ...you have to be chance to punished me..so i have some feared about that.// Mummy said ..don't worry venki ..i donot do any action against you if you right exactly..// Venki telling..Aunty i like very much your daughter...as well as like so much you,Aunty.//My mum surprised and asked him..what do you want now.// He told mum..//

--14--// Aunty..i like to see your breasts once,afterwards i continue my family life with your daughter.// Mum asked him ,what is this ?, this is not the correct way to you // Yes aunty ..you are correct...but i am unable to kill my sex desire ...plz give me one chance..he asked // Mum asked how much time you wiil take to see my breasts...// He replied, just few minutes.// MUMMY agreed with the condition.//Venki opened mum's blouse..handling boobs smoothly..mum in silent position.He was sucking mum's boobs...opened his mouth picked up mum breasts into his mouth.He is squeezing her breasts thourhly.He was kissing every inch hungrily..my mother flated on the bed.he removed mum's saree..his hands smoothly running on the PUSSY hole of mum..he was mooving his hands at the under hair.He was put his finger in the pussy hole.Mum closed her eyes...enjoing fully.//

--15--// Venki opened his pant jip.Pull out his rod from pant...mum in full swing..// She toched his penni..and said ..venki it is very long..and hard just like hard rod..i like very much..// He said thanks.. // Mum asked him..venki plz.fuck me..i have been passing serum ...my peticoat was wetted...i am unable stop curiousity of sex..plz fuck me...// Venki put his rod into the hole..suddenly mum murmered wow..venki beat me ...more more plz...stroke plz..very nice venki...again give stroke...wow ...wow...hoo..woooo..wow...woooooo....mum- venki fantastic fuck show completed.// Mum slept on bed few minuts for relaxation..And told him what about my daughter?...// No problem aunty ..plz..arrange bed marrage to me and your daughter...tommorrow.// Mum told thanks him and came out from the room.//

--16--// Next day mum arranged bed marrage . I prepared well ...i am waiting for fucking from 3-4 years .I am waiting for mum order to enter into the room.// As i thought mum came to me and said ..plz..go ..and have a nice night..he is waiting for you.// when i entered to the room..he stood and taken me to the bed without wasting the time.I sat beside him on bed.He talks some thing while then kissed me strongly.He removed blouse hooks..sucks breasts..very smoothly.//

--17--He rubbed my breast nipples nicely .ALREADY flowing was started from my pussy just like a water canal.He didn't leave even a inch of my body.Every part of my body goes to his controle.I surprised "why last night ,he was acted like sexless person".I have much curiosity to ask this question..and asked..// He told me ..last night i have some problem of body and head pain..//Oh ...yaa..I told ..ok venki..leave..it..//

--18--He went directly to the area of my pussy.He asked me.. NISHI..when did you shaven hair on your hole. // I asked him , i will tel you later ,but you must need to tell me ...when did you shaven?...// well NISHI..you are good ,he told.He was ruffing smoothly my pussy causually.// I opened his pant zip and held his tool ...It is so long..so hard...why i can stop my sex..no...it is not possible even a single minute..my boobs were became so hard because, his hands were mooving on them.Under... flow of serum also not controlled...I don't like to waste even a secon..i held his rod and put into the my red hole.his rod gone so deeply in my hole...he was beating so perfectly.He was giving strokes..VENKI ..plz.give strokes...big strokes plz..i want more strokes...more..venki..more ..dont stop strokes...don't stop...plz...plz...wow...wow...oh...hoo...huuuuuuuuuuummmmm......//





--1--I am USHA .I was married THREE years ago.My husband was working in private company as a sales manager.He worked hard for the company.He was...Off of the days of month on tour.This was the complete tour job.Even though completed THREE years.we have no children.This is the major problem of my family.One day ..on suggestion of my closed aunty of our colony,went to meet doctor along with her.The lady doctor advised for clinical tests of serum for counting.After three hours , reports were came.

--2--// Doctor told us...usha you have no any sex problem...your 100% percent fit for sex and capable to pregnancy.YOU HAVE NO ANY INFERTILITY PROBLEM.However you were not come to pregnancy...i think your husband to be have sum insexuality.So i request you to come next day along with your husband.Until that you don't tell him ...about your visit of hospital.afterwards we came out from hospital and directly went to aunty home.//

--3--// At aunty home we have been discussing the situation and come to concluded...that was to bring my husband to the hospital tomorrow.// That night on bed ..i slowly explained my husband....my dear venu we married six years ago..still we have no children...so i request you to go hospital for testing...afterwards we come back to our home.// I managed my husband..he was agreed to come to hospital.// Next day mourning we went to hospital ..all related tests were done.After three hours reports were came.// Doctor told us no problem at all..all ok..have perfect for sexual affairs.i and my husband felt happy and ready to come out.//

--4--//At the same time my husband went to have for cigarette.Meanwhile,doctor called me for closer..and said..Asha i will tell you something that you do not tell your husband.// I asked doctor is there any problem...// she said ..no.. not at all.But you come tomorrow alone and meet me personally..she told me.// When we reached our home...aunty also waiting ..//and asked ..what happened...was the doctor told any important matter ..// i told her ..no..nothing yaaa..That was night ...i didn't slept..even a single minute.I am thinking so much..what will the doctor told tom morrow..Next day mourning i went to hospital.i sat before the doctor.//

--5--// Doctor ready to made counseling to me.With cool manner // She said..dear Usha you have all perfect to give birth to child...but your husband can't be fit for such one.His serum count was too low.In any manner he would not be suitable for such affair.YOU HAVE NO any chance to give birth to child.This is the un fit story of your husband.// I really felt shock.I asked doctor ...madam i want child..i want baby..what can i do...i was cried..At that time doctor asked to deposit 3 lacs of rupees to full fill your dreame through advanced medico system of "In fertility Manging" or "tissue-baby"..doctor continued it is only solution for baby wanted womens.//

--6--// I Didn't told any thing to my husband.But i want children...the desire for children was increasing day to day one side.// Another side ..sex desires were not controlling.I was with very interest for sex..i have been thinking much more days for how to full fill my sex desires and how to got child or baby..THESE TWO ISSUES was been killing me step by step.I can't able to controle my sexual desires.Some times i thought for private sex affairs with other persos.But i was feared about my husband and mother of my husband.There is no any chance to go out with other man.//

--7--// Anyhow my dream was not full filled.I am fully suffered.One fine morning my husbands aunty came to my home from a small village of A.P..// I and my husband received her well.Same day evening she told my husband "what is the reason for her visit.// She requested us ...my son Pavan completed 10 th class and want to join in inter.We were living in village ..there was no any college..so we decided to join here...if you cooperate he will stay here for two years.// "My husband told.. here...no problem he may stay here until the completion of his inter." // I didn't talked anything..she was satisfied and gone to here village.after one week my husband's mother was suddenly died with heart attack.//

--8--//Days were passing.One fine day pavan came with his all language to join in college.I and my husband received him well.My husband gave some advises to him for studying well.// Pavan told my husband... uncle i will be study very well.// Every day Pavan went to college.I am preparing good food and other arrangements to him perfectly.Days were passing...one day night..suddenly i saw a miracle....When i was searching for a tailoring threads box ..a hole of the door of bath room[bath room was beside the drawing room.]...i was saw that one.//

--10--//PAVAN was been bathing..i am seeing the miracle seen.No cloths.Barely doing bath..his body was very attractive..his face was much glowing..his Penni was very long..very hard..his tool stands with hard...i saw all until the completion of bath.That night i didn't slept..so many thinks..so many ideas..so many desires..//
i lke very much him.I didn't forget his slim and hard body...often..often..remembaring..no chance to forgot his attractive body..//One day as usually he was sleeping at his bed room..my husband gone to tour...we only two is i and Pavan.//

--11--// What a good day..what a fine day..god is grate..how god created him..is it a dream or real..i am unable understand the miracle situation..what a waa..waa.. yaa..his hair style..neck...muscles..long rocked peni..what a seen i was seen..Anyhow..whatever it may be..whatever shall be occurred..i AM BE SURE TO CACHED him and full fill my longest and oldest as well as newest desire.//

--12--// In this way the... the star night was over.Now i am waiting for brightest night.He returned to home by 8pm.I was finished my bath with hot water.i weared punjabi dress.My head hair filled with jasmin and rojas.I applied foreign face creames and much valued sprays.Not only the bed room but also all premises of house smelling with various perfumes.When he reached the home i was prepared hot water for him.// I TOLD HIM...plz..Pavan ..first finish your bath..// He goes to bath room and finished..came into the open hall.// He asked me aunty ..i have hungry ..i want to have food right now..// I arranged all dishes on dining table and called him to have food..//

--13--//He was been having food..and asked me.. aunty all the house was good smelling..what are the reasons..is there any speciality..// I told ..no..no..not at all..//
After meal..he was reading a book.I CAME CLOSER TO HIM AND SAT BEFORE HIM.
// Pavan.. i have tracing a heavy problem..so that i need your help.// What aunt ..what was the problem,he asked me.// Plz come to my room ..i will tell you.// He came to my bed room.// "Pavan..last four days i was been suffered with body pains..uncle was not here..pains were very high...i have been so much of problem..i dont know how to controle body pains.//

--14--// He asked me ..aunty what can i do for you..if you need any help by me ,i am ready to help you..may i go to medical shop..can i bring medicines for you..he asked me.// I said him..no..Pavan ..medicines were not working i am already had..but no use.// He asked me..so how can i help you aunty. // GOLDEN CHANCE waiting for me..i told him..i don't want any tablets...but you should help me.// He asked me how ..aunty..// I told him..you come on the bed and handled my body for controling the pains...it is the only solution to reduce pains...many times your unckle also done like that..and pains was reduced..// He said..ok.
.aunty ..i will do my best..*//

--15--//On my order he sat on the bed...i again told him..first handle my twist..// ok aunt..he was handling my twist..Pavan come to up handle my back part...he doing well..// i removed blouse hooks and turned to front side..roteenly his hands mooving my neck area.inorder to came down to blouse area...step by step moovs to breasts area...and ruffing smoothly..his penni also stiffed ..//

--16--// I recognised by indication of his underwear..again and again he was ruffing my breasts of every inch..// i asked him" Pavan what are you doing" you are handling my boobs...// He told no.. aunt..no..no..he said.// I said again Pavan plz.. go to some down..// where to aunt..he asked me.// yaa man.. you don't understand me..downs means my panty area...actual pain was there.// ok aunt now i am goes to there..He was put his hand into the my panty..and smoothly rubbing..aften his finger was also fixing into the my pussy..// Casually i asked him..Pavan..what are you doing..// He said nothing yaaa..// I said..
offcourse..no problem ..if you want me..you can carry on.//

--17--// He said your sour[serum]was very thick aunt..you are just like youngest girl..i mean you are just like my classmate sandya..// oh ..yaa..// He removed my jacket..and threved it away...sucking gently..// I was not at there..i was at sky ..i mean paradise..// He pullout my JACKET..SUCKING breast nipples and sucking...as well as taken boobs into his mouth..// Rasam[serum]flowing from my hole..it was not stopped...i was in full sedition..i was closed my both eyes and enjoiying much more..only 17 years youngest boy sucking my pussy without stop.//

--18--//He was concetrated at my pussy ..drunking my sour[serum]sucking my pussy well...his penni pushed into my hole ...his rod was very hot...very sweet...very hard like that rock.He was beating my pussy..pushed his rod into my pussy deeply...giving strokes...i am goes to deep sedation...PAVAN plz..beat strong ...more strong...abba..abbabo..wow..wow..stroks Speeded UP..//

I was thought that>>no lady does not enjoyed before me ,like me on the earth.I STRONGLY believed that i am the first lady on this earth was that enjoyed much..much..much..much more... more..// *After 11 months i delivered and gives
birth to a most hand some child.I was full filled my strong sexual desires,delivered child and saved THREE LACKS Rupees.Thanks to my dear Pavan..//



--1--// I am RISHI ,aged 20 years,belongs to a small town in India.I married SIDDU.He was been working as accountant in a private company.we were middle class family.we have been staying in a small house with only two rooms .I ,my husband,aunt,uncle,and sister of my husband...totally six number was been living in these small house.This was the completely congested house.we was been living in these conjustable home.My husband's sister was also married before my marriage means four years ago. I am recently married.//

--2--// I am with sex desire ..i would like participate sex with my husband.But we have no separate bed room.parents erected a Cord board in the room to separate the existed room.So there is no sufficient chance to enjoy sex life. Every day we were waiting until the sleeping of all family members. I and my husband tracing big problem.Especially day time ...absolutely no chance to sex.What can i do...what shall we do..we were newly married couple.One day my husband came to home after 15 days company tour.I was know this night definitely he will come.I was done bath..weared traditional cloths..my head hair filled with Rojas and Jasmin..i was applied vanishing facial creams..and so on.//

--3--// As i expected my husband came to home..done bath..had food.I expected he was also hungry for sex.we both also completed all works and waiting for sex.At the time my husband's sister reading text books because she was preparing for exam.I DEEPLY THINKING that..when she will be switch of the tube light.But she was been reading without stop.I am fully wanted sex.How can i say her ..for switch of the light.I am unable to control sex...i brought this situation to my husband.He told me i was also facing same problem.//

--4--// I fully attempted for control the sex...and controle the Whole body..i was been tried in many ways to controle sexual desire...but no use.Sexual desire was dominating me..Finally i goes to her and asked please switch of light,and sleep,wake up tomorrow's early morning ..and you can start reading..// But she was continuing her study.MY SEXUAL DESIRE was not controlling..//

--5--// Finally i went to bath room...doing bath with too cool water to controle sexual emotion.Afterwards i came out from bath room.// My husband asked me, why was you bathed again..// I told nothing yaa.EVENTHOUGH emotion was not controlled.// Once up on a time my friend told me too much cool water should be controle sexual emotion temporarily.// THOUGH i applied this principle ...but no result..My husband was sleeping in waranda with upsets mind and pity.//

--6--//What can i do for controle for emotion especially this night.Againly i went to bath room sat on floor...started bathing with too much cool water.I was sat on floor in bath room for more than two hours with wet cloths especially for controle sex emotion. I was cried..again and again..I don't like to remove my wet cloths..that was the winter season..weather was so cold.whatever it may be i am not ready to came out from bath room.I was decided to stay in bath room with wet cloths until the come of sun shine.Meanwhile many times i cried..again and again.In this way that night was over.//

--7--// Next night started.Same story was repeating.I and Siddu mostly ready to participate in sex.We have no ready to loose even a single minute if chance is available to sex.But all the family members were discussing on some issues.They didn't stoped discussions.Sexual emotions killing my mind.emotions were harassing me.Emotions were heavily torchering me.I believed that this night also loose my dreams..so i was called my husband..he came.//

--7--// I TOLD HIM plz. come to bath room.we both goes in to the bath room ...fixed the door bolt.My husband asked me RISHI what is going on? i darely told him..my dear siddu ..i am with full sex emotion..we last day ..loosed..today ..i am not ready to loose.// I removed Siddu shirt buttons..i strongly embraced him..i kissed his cheeks..i was sucking his lips.He also participated actively..// He removed my blouse hooks...happily sucking breasts...ruffing boobs...we both enjoying much..he tooked my breasts into his mouth...sucking smoothly.my rasam[serum]flowing from my pussy like a big canal..// Rasam [serum]flowing from my hole through legs drop by drop.//

--8--// I opened Siddu pant jip..pulled his penni out..his penni was so long and hard.his tool was looking like a hard steel road..// His rasam[serum]comes from his dick like me...i like to drink his rasam...so i tightly held his rod and put into the my mouth .// Gradually i drunk his sour all.Siddu rasam..and came down me...and sucks my pussy..i am with fully happy.He was been sucking as well as drunk my sour.//

--9--// The bath room had one hole to go out inside water.Due to span the hole of bath room was completely closed.Due to this reason water was stoped in the bath room.So this is also one problem for us in bath room .// We were doing my sex affairs .Siddu and i went to deep moaning.we were in deep sedition.MY SEX EMOTIONS REACHED TO TOP RANGE and even no chance to stop even a single minute.// Siddu also in same position.// I ASKED HIM plz. put your rod in my pussy.// He asked me ..how Rishi...there were much water on floor of bath room..how you can come to lay down on floor..//

--10--// I told no problem...i will sat on floor ...you fuck me.// He also sat on floor and came between my legs.// I laid down on floor[within the water].// He pushed his rock rod in to my pussy. His rod goes deeply in to my pussy..and touched end part of my pussy.// Now i am in un limited enjoyment..he gives beats..again and again.what a happy..what a enjoy..so...so..Siddu ..plz..more beats..more...more..He was giving strokes...Siddu plz ...sroke...strokes...more ..more..wow..wow..
Siddu...plz spray your serum on me..wow ...hard stroke...siddu...siddu...siddu...woo...hum...humm.....siddu...humaa....hummmaaaaaaaa....

-11--//Very nicely and fantastic night was over.But my husband's sister ARUNA was found the incident what actually occured in bath room last night.Very lately this is came to my notice.// Next day my husband went to tour and came back after week.// I planed to do sex with my husband.I and my husband waiting for convenient time.// We were made planed to do sex at bath room as last time.we were all most all clearing the line.Within the minute we be ready to go to batth room to enjoy fantastik night.//

--12--//Suddenly my husband's sister came out near by the bath room with chair ,table writing pad and some books.She was reading there.// Previously ,means before ...two moths.. i and aruna quarreled on some issue.So she was disturbing and chazing me.// She would like to harass me .// By the stoping of sex betwwen me and her brother{my husband},she wanted to torcher me .By this aim she was especially sat near by the bath room and reading.//

--13 -//What shall we do now?.Aruna attempts such like of tricks since we were quarreled.I THOUGHT that there was no chance to participate with my husband, this night.I came to deprecition.Totally upsets.// My huband's situation also like same.BOTH FULL UPSETS // He goes into the home and slept on mat.// But my sexual emotions were not controlled.My whole body was nervesed.all veins in the body struggled.I came to know that problems of middle class family.How to controle.how to maintain the body to normalacy...i am thinking again and again.//

--14--// How to manage the ARUNA.Lastly i went to ARUNA'S place and sat on floor beside her.// She was asked me ..why was you sat here?.I slowly tell her nothing yaa..// After few minuts i requested her please go into the room and read you.// She asked me..why i shoud go into the room?....Are you like to enjoyed with my brother[your husband]...no..no..i do not allow you to participate in sex with my brother.// I asked ARUNA..why ..what is the reason...// ARUNA told me ...are you forgot..you was challenged me two months back as "i will kill you".//

--14--// I am sorry ARUNA.. please forget all those things...today onwards we are friends...i said.// But aruna not accepted..no..no..i don't allow you to sex with your husband.// So i also goes to inner and laid down on floor mat.// But my body wants sex.more and more..no chance to stop.So goes to bath room and done bath with much coold water..ARUNA ENJOYING while i am tracing emotional problems. // ARUNA obeserving all things related me.In bath room i cried so much..i pushed upper part of my saree into my mouth and fixed it tightly in my mouth[my idea is to controle loudness of my criying]..crying...crying...//

--15--//After some gap i came out from bath room.BUT EMOTIONS were continuing.And increasing because tommorrows morning my husband will go to tour.He will not come until one week.// At that critical time i searched for "roty maker roller "and it was found in kichen.// I TOOK ROTY MAKER ROLLER[ONE KIND OF STICK FOR PREPARING ROTY,CHAPATHY etc].and directly went to batth room...shut the door..fixed the bolt.I sat on floor of room...i slowly pushed into my pussy.Befor this i was applied coconut oil to the " roty roller". Roller was gone deeply into the my puusy.//

--16--// Emotions were speeded up...i pushed deply ...again and agian...rasam[serum]come out and flowing...i was moved roty roller inner to outer ,outer to inner,front to back..back to front again and again..This was been continuing upto one hour.All STORED serum in my pussy was leaked out...i enjoyed much..After the work i came back to HOUSE and slept.//

--17--//Next day my husband gone to tour.That day mid night around 1 'o'clock i woked up for passing urine.So casually i goes at to the bath room.Suddenly i was hered some noise.So i slowly...goes to bath room and obseve through hole of door.// Suddenly i was surprised.ARUNA enjoyes with "roty maker roller".// She was sat on floor..and rubbing her pussy with roller.i was keenly observing..She was pushing roller deeply into her pussy and sucking roller.//

--18--// ARUNA swallowing her serum by roller.similarly she spend more than one hour..her serum in pussy completly flode out.ARUNA relaxed free..satisfied much and came out from bath room.// ARUNA saw me..// i also told her.."i saw all.." // ARUNA feared much more.// She requested me ...don't tell others...plz..plz..AND aruna told me..I NEVER DISTURB YOU in future... from this day ..we are friends..i am very sorry..you can carry your sexual affairs with my brother without any intruption..aruna said me.// I also satisfied because my problem was solved.//